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    Individual caring and nurturing attention allows young children to feel safe and secure while taking their first steps and speaking their first words.
    Our day care program offers stimulating activities and small group interactions that encourage play and exploration.
    Here, our toddler care is nurturing, personal care builds trust, self-esteem in a supportive environment and we always provide parents daily reports on their child’s growth.
    For the past 12 years our child care center, toddlers have learned through sensory experiences that emphasize the environment and their relationships with each other.
    We balance small group interaction with individual attention to help toddlers build socialization, cognitive, language and motor skills, along with self-esteem and self-help skills.
    Our early learning center provides safe and educational structured programs so your child can have the best learning experience. When they are in school, you may find yourself still struggling with finding a place for your child to go.
    A before school care program can really save you from rescheduling your job. Brighter Day’s Family Childcare offers exceptional before and after school care. We understand how important it is to you that your child receives the very best care while you ar
    At our preschool, your child is in good hands.

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Preparing for grade school is an important part of child development. Children should know basic social skills along with numbers, letters, and colors. Our preschool curriculum is created to help them get ready for kindergarten and beyond. Our early learning center classes are designed to prepare children for school academically as well as socially and emotionally.

At Brighter Day’s Family Childcare, the class size is kept small to provide individualized attention as well as small group work to teach children how to handle both types of environment. Our mission is to teach and help our future leaders grow with self worth, if they believe it they can achieve it! Our pre K is developed to build a foundation for reading by having a print rich environment and lessons on phonemic awareness. The curriculum focuses on writing formation and using start and stop points. The daily routine also incorporates art, movement and music for a well rounded education.

The ultimate goal of our child care learning center is to help build confidence and academic preparation. For more information about our preschool and daycare services, contact us at Brighter Day’s Family Childcare today. We are proud to serve our friends and neighbors in Moreno Valley, CA and the surrounding area in school, before school, and after school care program services.

Before School Care

A before school care program can really save you from the stress that comes from balancing family and career. Brighter Day’s Family Childcare offers exceptional child care to help keep your schedule from becoming a time crunch. We understand how important it is to you that your child receives the very best care while you are at work. Our preschool professionals will ensure your child’s safety while you’re at work, allowing you peace of mind. Caring for children is not a job, it’s our passion!

We offer the very best infant and toddler care and educational program so you know your child is with a professional care-giver that knows how to handle and care for children. We believe in developing activities for your child within multi-age groups so that your child gets the best overall experience during, and after, scheduled day care services. As a family-owned early learning center, we give your child a head start and come highly recommended.

If you are looking for child care services that go above and beyond your typical after and before school program, look no further. Don't hesitate to call Brighter Day’s Family Childcare in Moreno Valley, CA today for more information.

After School Care

Here at Brighter Day’s Family Childcare, we don’t mind taking over some of the nitty gritty tasks that others try to avoid, such as diaper changes and consistent feedings. Our staff members are trained and experienced with infants and toddlers, ensuring that your children will receive excellent and caring attention at our child care center.

Which is why we also provide a reliable after school program in Moreno Valley, CA. Although kids will be kids, we do try to keep our day care center, and your children, clean throughout the day. We attend any needs your little one requires. From timely feedings and lots of love and care, we will make sure that your child receives all the care he or she needs to be comfortable. Even though at a young age, we want to help develop their social skills at our infant care. In our positive and warm learning atmosphere, our staff members are sympathetic and understanding to your child’s needs.

Brighter Day’s Family Childcare is a certified in first aid and CPR. We also provide nutritious meals and snacks. To reserve a spot for your infant or toddler care, contact us at Brighter Day’s Family Childcare in Moreno Valley, CA.

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